We Need Fair Maps

Fair Elections Action Team

We need fair maps for fair elections

We believe that the continued health of our democracy demands a better way to draw our electoral maps. Partisan gerrymandering contributes to many of the problems that we and others see in our current political environment—from a lack of competition for elected office to a seeming inability to compromise and move forward.

The system we use to draw our electoral maps is unlike that in any other major democracy: members of the legislature draw their own districts. This inherent conflict of interest leads to gerrymandering – maps drawn for partisan advantage – regardless of which party is in power.

In North Carolina, our state legislators draw the maps not only for their own districts but also for the Congress, the judiciary, counties, towns, and school boards. In general, the governor cannot veto the legislators’ maps. Gerrymandering can rob citizen voices and limit their choices at every level.

North Carolina needs a better system for drawing electoral maps, one that is nonpartisan, open, and independent of elected officials. With the next census and redistricting only three years away in 2020-21, we must work together to get a better system adopted. Achieving this reform is the main aim of the League’s Fair Elections Action Team.


Not sure what gerrymandering is or how it works? See Gerrymandering 101 and an example of how it works.


FEAT works statewide and collaborates with local Leagues to:

  1. Track redistricting actions by the NC General Assembly in the 2017-18 and 2019-20 sessions, including the upcoming special session for redistricting
  2. Promote openness and citizen participation at every stage of the process
  3. Increase citizen knowledge and awareness about how gerrymandering affects our state and how to fix it
  4. Join with other NC and national organizations and other states’ Leagues to increase our impact through coalition, collaboration, and information-sharing


FEAT promotes reform for North Carolina that follows the League’s national policy on redistricting.


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