Campus Tour


Self-Guided Tour of UNC Chapel Hill Campus

Optional convention events scheduled for Friday, May 17 from 4:30-5:15pm include a self-guided walking tour of the UNC Chapel Hill campus. A walking tour package will be included with your registration package upon check-in. Access a campus map and read about the history on the Visitor’s Page and make plans to explore this gorgeous campus – our country’s oldest public university. Because this tour is self-guided, no registration is necessary.

The UNC School of Government is located in the Knapp-Sanders Building near the corner of South Road and Country Club Road.

Distances from the UNC School of Government to points of interest:

  • Start of the Walking Tour at the Morehead Planetarium: 15 minute walk.
  • Bell Tower: 10 minute walk
  • UNC Student Stores: 10 minute walk
  • Old Well: 15 minute walk
  • Ackland Art Museum: 20 minute walk