Supporting Redistricting Reform

How does the League support redistricting refo­­rm?


Three core principles drive League action on redistricting:

  • Congressional districts and government legislative bodies should be apportioned substantially on population (“one person, one vote”).
  • Redistricting should not dilute the effective representation of minority citizens.
  • Efforts that attempt or result in partisan gerrymandering should be opposed.

The League’s approach to reform recognizes that both the criteria for redistricting and the process for drawing the maps are key to getting us to Fair Maps.


To advance redistricting reform, the League:

  • Engages with elected officials to introduce reform concepts and models
  • Delivers testimony before decision-making bodies
  • Presents alternative maps, criteria, and processes
  • Launches major public education and media campaigns and hosts public events
  • Engages key allies to promote transparent and fair redistricting processes

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