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About our Immigration Action Team:

The League of Women Voters of North Carolina (LWV NC) strongly believes that our immigrant communities contribute to the vitality of our state’s democracy, economic health, and culture, as well as to the productive growth of the state’s population.


Our stance on immigration:

—We believe in keeping families intact.

—We believe in establishing a path to citizenship and helping immigrants become active members of our democracy.

—We believe in tuition equity.

—We oppose the criminalization of immigrants.

—We oppose using local police resources as stand-ins for ICE.

—We believe that providing all residents 16 and older with access to a driver’s license makes the community safer for all.


The League of Women Voters of North Carolina is taking action to advocate for the safety and inclusion of our immigrant neighbors in North Carolina. In accordance with these priorities, the LWVNC advocacy plan includes:

—Monitoring of state legislation that affects North Carolina’s immigrant communities

—Collaboration with other organizations to further the LWV NC’s immigration priorities

—Outreach to LWV NC chapters both to gather and to provide information and education on local immigration issues

—Dialogue with local, state, and federal officials to advocate for the LWV NC’s immigration priorities


What’s new in immigration news:


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“What the Waiting List for Legal Residency Actually Looks Like,” The Atlantic, September 21, 2017 

“Some People You Know Could Be Deported If DACA Ends,” News & Record, Septembe 21, 2017 


Other immigration-related websites:


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For more information or to offer help organizing this team, contact Ashley Nissler: