Draw the Line on Gerrymandering

Help us draw the line on gerrymandering in North Carolina


We, the citizens of North Carolina, can put an end to gerrymandering and strengthen our democracy. By reforming how we draw our electoral districts, we can:


  • Increase competition in elections – citizens win when politicians compete for their support
  • Ensure election outcomes that reflect how citizens voted – citizens win when their votes – not rigged maps – determine who wins the elections
  • Reduce gridlock and extreme partisanship – citizens win when elected officials must seek compromise and work together to move forward
  • Draw districts that reflect our communities – citizens win when bizarre districts are replaced with compact districts that keep neighborhoods together


The League of Voters of North Carolina is taking action to advocate for redistricting reform in our state. You can help by:


  1. Joining our statewide team working to create Fair Districts NC, a broad, bipartisan coalition of organizations working at the state and local level to educate and advocate for change.
  2. Joining your local League and becoming part of their program to educate their community on redistricting and advocate for change. Many of our state’s 18 local League’s have Redistricting or Fair Elections Action Teams that are supporting the creation of Fair Districts NC.


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