About The Health Care League Action Team

This League Action Team has a dual focus:

       – preserving the Affordable Care Act nationwide

       – closing the health care gap in NC

In 2018, access to affordable health care continues to be under threat nationwide. Congress debates whether to repeal and replace the ACA and the Administration has been making changes that sabotage the ACA, especially the marketplace.

Passed in 2010, the ACA reformed important aspects of the private health insurance market.  Americans without employer-provided insurance could secure affordable coverage through subsidies that reduced premium and copay costs.  These subsidies were based on a sliding income scale and extend Medicaid coverage to those earning less than 138% of the federal poverty level.

In 2012 the Supreme Court ruled that states’ expansion of Medicaid was optional.  As a result, a health care coverage gap was created in states like NC that chose not to expand Medicaid. This gap includes people who aren’t eligible for Medicaid and yet whose incomes are too low to qualify for ACA subsidies. These 300,000-500,000 North Carolinians still lack access to affordable health care.  Most are the working poor.  Their employers don’t offer benefits. They are self-employed or they work several part-time jobs and don’t qualify for benefits at any of their jobs.

We strive to make affordable health care coverage available to all North Carolinians.  We support legislation that can receive bipartisan approval of both chambers of the NC General Assembly and the Governor.