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The League of Women Voters Urges Increased Transparency in Legislative Redistricting

September 16, 2019

Media contacts: Phyllis Demko 919-428-5730; Jennifer Bremer 301-955-6333

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Raleigh, NC — The League of Women Voters of North Carolina urges the Legislature to increase the public’s access to its redistricting processes, even as they are nearing completion of their work. Additionally, the League believes that the Legislature should incorporate transparency in all redistricting efforts in the future.

At minimum, the Legislature should maintain the portal for public comment until the courts approve the maps. All comments should continue to be made available to the public throughout the remaining steps in order to promote broader engagement and public dialogue.

In addition to these initial improvements to transparency, the League of Women Voters recommends these steps to increase citizens’ accessibility to the current and future redistricting processes:

  1. Make all public comments available in real time continuously through the end of the redistricting process and final approval.
  2. Make draft maps fully available to the public. The League recommends that the Legislature publish machine-readable maps as well as PDFs on a daily basis.
  3. Provide more information on how the process will proceed. Citizens need to know what will happen and when so that they can follow the proceedings and provide timely input.
  4. Give voters a better idea of what they are seeing online. Citizens need to know which districts are being redrawn and who is doing the redrawing.

The League of Women Voters of North Carolina believes that these additional steps are necessary to make this a process that voters can understand and participate in effectively.


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