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Two Success Stories from the Wake League!

February 20, 2019

We want to share with you two stories of success for the Wake League and of the power of perseverance and adherence to League principles. We hope this will be a source of inspiration at a time when we need to know our words and actions matter. We found it very comforting to know that THE LEAGUE MATTERS and that OUR MEMBERS ARE AMAZING!

The Wake LWV Environment Committee (Co-chairs Jackie Giordano and Eve Vitaglione) have championed the use of undeveloped RDU Airport property for preservation and recreation for quite some time. When they heard that the Airport Authority planned to proceed with the long term lease of this land for a quarry, they sprang into action. A carefully crafted letter was sent to both the RDU Airport Authority and to the FAA to protest this move. You can find the text of the letter on the Wake LWV website.

Jackie just learned that in a meeting with Gov Cooper our letter was highlighted as an important factor in urging a reconsideration of these plans in favor of the creation of the RDU Forest. While this isn’t a done deal yet, our contribution has been recognized. Thank you to the Environment Committee!

Another success for the lawsuit concerning the unconstitutional redistricting of four NC House Districts before the 2018 election:

Four plaintiffs, Elaine Okal, Cheryl Tung, Retta Riordan and Candace Blackely, all Wake LWV members, had a favorable ruling in NC Superior Court last fall. Unfortunately this did not result in corrected districts in time for the 2018 election. However we just learned that the NC General Assembly will not be appealing this decision.

Many thanks and congratulations to our plaintiff-members and to our amazing counsel who argued this case in front of the NC Superior Court, Allison Riggs from the Southern Coalition for Social Justice.

We continue to be impressed at the power of the League of Women Voters and the work of dedicated grassroots members to create meaningful and lasting change.

Be sure to sign up ( to come, learn and meet their impressive members.

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From Marian Lewin, LWV Wake President