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Election 2018: Our Work Continues

September 1, 2018

This will be the fourth election this decade that North Carolinians have had to vote in unconstitutional congressional districts.  Republican legislators have now twice enacted unconstitutional Congressional districting plans.

It’s unfortunate that we are so close to the start of early voting that it is impractical, if not impossible, to create new districts for this year’s election. There already exists much uncertainty amongst voters over the constitutional amendments and rules for the Supreme Court elections–uncertainty created entirely by the Republican-led General Assembly. 

A new redistricting process, particularly given the likelihood that the Supreme Court would stay the implementation of the new districts after they were already drawn, would, at this point in time, prove disruptive and counterproductive for voters.

The LWVNC is focused on winning this case on the merits in the Supreme Court next term.  We will continue to advocate that voters have fair districts in future elections and will work to convince the U.S. Supreme Court to finally adopt a standard to end the shameful practice of partisan political discrimination once and for all.

As advocates for the non-partisan principles of good government, the League is committed to practicing what we preach: we understand that no matter how bad an actor the legislature has been, there comes a time in an election cycle when changes to congressional districts could become counterproductive to the democratic process and the ideals we have been working on in this litigation.

As we near another important election in a matter of weeks, join the League in our ongoing work to educate voters about the November 6 election and the voting process.

Our work continues.

Janet Hoy and Karen Bean
LWVNC Co-Presidents