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Action Alert: Voter ID

June 15, 2018

The leadership of the NC General Assembly intends to introduce a bill that could result in amending the NC State Constitution to require voters to present photo identification before voting. The League is strongly opposed to this voter suppression action, and we ask all League members to contact their state representatives to ask them to vote against House Bill 1092.

Mandatory voter photo identification is a bad idea because:

  • It changes a critical document of our democracy to address a problem that does not exist. An audit showed that there were two cases of voter fraud in 2016, out of 4,769,640 votes cast. A 0.000042% rate of incidence.
  • It is not effective at preventing voter fraud. It would not have prevented one of the two cases of voter fraud in 2016 because one was an absentee vote.
  • It is a poor use of precious taxpayer dollars. The audit of the 2016 general election indicates that the most effective means of reducing voting irregularities is investing in technologies that improve voter information databases.

Voter identification law is widely recognized as voter suppression:

  • A federal court struck down NC’s 2013 election law that included a similar voter photo identification requirement, finding that the NC legislature acted with “discriminatory intent,” that targeted “African Americans with almost surgical precision . . .”
  • Studies show that “[t]here are substantial drops in minority turnout in strict voter ID states and no real changes in white turnout.”
  • As written, HB 1092 contains no detail about how it will be implemented. This is likely an attempt to get around the federal court ruling on the last voter ID law, while leaving the employment of the law susceptible to manipulation by the General Assembly.

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