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June 1, 2018

Contact your legislators about NC House Bill 514

Read the League response and the Cohen Report related to HB514 and budget provisions that changes state education funding:



Please speak out about consequences to NC public schools caused by NC House Bill 514, and also new provisions in education funding model inserted into the proposed budget which shifts the state’s constitutional responsibility to fund education.

HB514: Carves out a select student population based on zip code; Draws into question teacher benefits; Increases funding commitments for those communities that buy into an idea that has not been vetted for negative consequences; Enables additional financial burdens and governing challenges.



1. Ask lawmakers to read the Cohen Report on HB514 and reject a hurriedly crafted piece of legislation with broad statewide implications to the detriment of North Carolina’s education institutions.

2. Ask lawmakers to make their opposition to changing the state education funding model in such a precipitous way known and urge leadership and fellow legislators to vote to reject this maneuver to shift the state’s constitutional responsibility to fund education.


Click below to find contact information for the elected officials who represent you in the North Carolina General Assembly: