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August 15, 2017

More than 20 Leaguers attended the Redistricting Committee meetings on August 4 and on August 10 to advocate for measureable redistricting criteria.  In January when the LWV GA Team formed, measurable criteria weren’t being discussed at all. Now measurable criteria are the major issue in redistricting.  The GA Team vote count showed that, within both the senate and house committees making up the joint Select Redistricting Committee, we have a 1-vote majority supporting measurable criteria that the LWV advocates.  Then the Democrats and Republicans caucused.  Party control resulted in a mostly disappointing result.  The GA Team was able to get a copy of the proposed criteria ahead of the discussion; we noted the votes during the discussion.  LWV is heartened that for the first time one measurable criterion was passed: compact.  Neither efficiency gap to measure partisanship nor a measurement for Voting Rights Act compliance was included.  At least now the discussion centers on the measurement of criteria.  Representative David Lewis credited Leaguer Dianna Wynn for the inclusion of the municipalities’ boundaries criteria. The Democrats tried to strengthen all the criteria with amendments but were voted down.  The GA Team is persistent, patient, and persuasive – that’s what it takes to win in the end. Read more in the August 15 Capitol Insider.