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Celebrating Your Health Care Advocacy

July 29, 2017

by Jim Foster, LWVNC Health Care Action Team Lead


On behalf of the LWVNC Health Care Action Team, thank you for the calls, e-mails, town halls, tweets and the many other ways you participated in the democratic process to help defeat efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act.

The so-called skinny repeal bill (Health Care Freedom Act) was voted down 49-51 with GOP Senators Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins and John McCain breaking with their party to defeat the bill. While we celebrate this important stop in the repeal debate, there will likely be efforts to sabotage of the Marketplace through regulatory and administrative action (as well as inaction, in the case of CSR payments and perhaps enforcement of individual mandate). Some members of Congress may still be interested in changing Medicaid to a block grant or per capita cap program, as well as privatizing Medicare into a voucher system. And CHIP still needs to be reauthorized.


This Health Care Action Team will be offering a webinar in the coming weeks, talking with you about the advocacy path ahead. In the meantime, read up on these articles exploring potential next steps in the health care conversation.


As always, thank you for staying engaged as an active member of our democracy. Your efforts were noticed. We made a difference. The League is proud to be working alongside you as we continue to advocate for healthcare for all.


Find related education and advocacy resources on our Health Care League Action Team page, including a link to subscribe to e-mail updates about the team’s upcoming events and educational opportunities.