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Information for Members

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Representative government: Government should be open, accountable, ethical and responsive to its citizens. Along with encouraging citizen participation, the League works to ensure barriers to voting are eliminated and government operates in a fair and open manner. Click here for link to the full text

Social Policies: The foundation of our democracy rests in ensuring that every citizen has equal access to government services and opportunity. The League promotes social and economic justice, works to secure equal rights for all, and combats discrimination and poverty. Click here for link to the full text

Natural Resources: By recognizing the interrelationships of air quality, energy, land use, wast management, and water resources, the League is able to work to promote an environment beneficial to life through the protection and wise management of natural resources in the public interest. Click here for link to the full text

Fiscal Policies:How a democracy spends its resources determines what priorities are met, and what issues are ignored. LWV works to ensure that our governments' fiscal policies are sound and that leaders at every level work to ensure programs are funded in a fair, reasonable, and responsible way. Click here for link to the full text

Reproductive Choice:The State League's position is based upon National consensus and position, which reads, "Protect the constitutional right of privacy of the individual to make reproductive choices. Click here for link to the full text

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Board Retreat, June 9-11, 2015