About the Fair Elections Action Team

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We believe the survival of our democracy requires two reforms that are fundamental to all others:

  1. Ending gerrymandering through nonpartisan redistricting reform
  2. Improving methods of financing political campaigns.

With little prospect of legislative action, the Fair Elections League Action Team and its coalition partners have decided to undertake two projects:

  1. To negotiate with candidates in the 2016 elections, asking them to file their campaign finance reports electronically (this will increase campaign finance transparency by making it easier for watchdogs to study and analyze their reports).
  2. To work through the Board of Elections to provide training in the use of the free, state-supplied campaign finance reporting software to the election campaigns of candidates for elective offices.


  • Removing special interest influence in politics
  • Lowering the cost of running for office
  • Opening up the field of candidates in elections
  • Ending gerrymandered redistricting
  • Restoring the power of the vote

The League of Voters of North Carolina is taking action to advocate for campaign finance reform and redistricting reform in our state. You can help by staying informed and joining our Fair Elections League Action Team. This team is part of a coalition working at the state and local level to educate and advocate for change.


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