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Mission and Goals

The League of Women Voters (LWV) believes strongly that high quality public education for all children is necessary to sustain our democratic way of life and the economic health of our state and the people. Furthermore, having studied education issues at the national, state and local levels for many decades, the LWV concludes that adequate funding is essential to the ability of the state to provide and sustain such an education. To that end,the LWVNC:

-opposes vouchers, tax credits and scholarships that shifts public tax dollars to private entities;

-supports public, pre-K education programs as essential to successful education outcomes and the long term prosperity and quality of life of North Carolinians, and these programs should be fully funded;

-supports highly qualified teachers as a necessary part of a quality education and supports training, teacher support, professional development and salaries competitive with the national average;

-believes charter schools that receive public dollars must be held to the same educational, accountability and transparency standards as traditional public schools.

In accordance with these priorities, the LWVNC advocacy plan should include:

-formation of an observer corps to attend NCGA committee meetings and hearings related to these issues;

-appointment of a designated representative of LWVNC to be available to speak to these issues;

-monitoring of state funding and budget issues;

-collaboration with other organizations to advance the LWVNC's priorities;

-outreach of local Leagues to their local school officials to obtain information on the local impact of school funding in their local school system.

Current Policy Issues