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February 11, 2018

A League of Women Voters founding principle is an election system that inspires trust in election results and encourages citizen participation. North Carolina should be congratulated for its robust elections audit system. The LWV-Wake Voter Protection Committee conducted a 6-month analysis of the NC State Board of Elections audit of the 2016 General Election and reviewed other documents to determine if there was voter fraud in North Carolina. The answer is two voters out of 4.8 million committed fraud. Two relatives voted using names of deceased relatives, one by mail and one in person. Another 151 ballots were confirmed as ineligible ballots. In other words, only 3 in 100,000 were ineligible, hardly a massive problem. NCSBE Director Kim Strach

“strongly cautions readers not to refer to these ineligible ballot cases as ‘voter fraud’.” Voter fraud is the voter “knowingly and intentionally” making an illegal vote. Rather, an ineligible vote may be the result of unintentional conduct. The NC State Board of Elections states, “Our work indicates that ineligible voters are not isolated to one political party or any geographical region of the state.”

Better technology would effectively prevent ineligible voters by producing more accurate voter records. Director Kim Strach, State Board of Elections emphasized the need to increase voter education, protect against cyber hacking, and replace aging voting systems, which also would decrease administrative costs. The two impersonations and the 151 confirmed ineligible voters could have been prevented if the NC State Board of Elections’ recommendations to improve technology had been implemented before the 2016 election. Read more