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LWVNC Names 2017 Award Recipients

May 6, 2017

Congratulations to our 2017 League Award Recipients!

Outstanding Local League Award (membership less than 40) – Granville County

The Outstanding League Award for a chapter with less than 40 members honors a league that has used outstanding programs and events to educate voters in its community and encourage participation in our democracy.  It goes to a league that has also been effective at raising its profile in the community and growing its membership.

Outstanding Local League – membership greater than 40 – Lower Cape Fear

Goes to a local League with more than 40 members that has conducted outstanding programs and events to educate voters and engage them in our democracy.  In the process, they have collaborated with local and state partners as well as other leagues to effect issues of local, state, and national interest.  They also demonstrate vitality through continued membership growth.

Outstanding State Partner Award – North Carolina Justice Center

The Outstanding State Partner Award recognizes an official partner of the League of Women Voters of NC whose collaboration has made us a stronger, more effective organization in carrying out our mission and purpose.

Gertrude Weil Award – Audrey Esposito (Dare) and Gail Bromley (Lower Cape Fear)


The Gertrude Weil Award, named for the founder of the NC League of Women Voters, is the highest award given to an individual League member in the state.  It honors a person for her courage, vision, tenacity, commitment, and dedication to the mission and purpose of the League through service and leadership at the local, state, and/or national level.

Mary Klenz and Willie Taylor received special recognition for their heroic service in reviving the LWVNC.