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10 Ways You Can Help Defend Our Democracy

November 30, 2016

By: Sarah Courtney 11/30/2016

  1. Sign the League of Women Voter’s Petition
    “I stand with the League to ensure that elections are always free, fair and accessible. I will work with the League to stop voter suppression tactics that threaten our democracy and the right to vote.”
  2. Become an e-Activist
    Receive updates from the League and hold your elected officials accountable by taking action on the League’s key voting rights and other priorities.
  3. Volunteer Your Time
    We are working to make a difference and actively engaging people in more than 700 communities. Sign up to volunteer!
  4. Donate to our Defend Democracy Fund
    Your support makes it possible for LWV to take a stand in statehouses and courtrooms across the country.
  5. Spread the Word
    Stay engaged every day, and leverage your social media followers to get involved too!  Follow the League on Twitter and Facebook to find out how to make an impact.
  6. Attend a Community Meeting
    Learn about local issues and hear from elected officials. You can connect and organize with people already active in your community. Check your local government’s website or contact your local League.
  7. Register to Vote, and help others Register
    Make sure your family and neighbors are up to date on their registration. The League works year-round at schools and community events to prepare eligible voters. Check out for more information.
  8. Contact your Representatives
    Elected officials work for the people and need to hear from concerned citizens like you.
  9. Run for Office
    You can directly contribute to the direction of local politics in your own back yard. From school board to the state house, there are many opportunities to run for office and make a difference.
  10. Write a Letter to the Editor
    Newspapers print concerns from readers and love to hear about local concerns. Tailor the issue for your community and support local newspapers when possible.